You've reached the TOP LEVEL!

For teams and riders that want nothing but the very best and no compromise. The Capit Full Control tyrewarmers have been developed and tested directly from our experience with MotoGP and Formula 1. This technology has now been made available to riders of all levels. 


This top-of-the-line Capit Tyrewarmer provides extremely high performance and heats not only the tyre center and body (along with excellent heating on the tire shoulder) for improved early lap edge grip, the Full Control also simultaneously heats the wheel rim AND allows individual control settings for the tire warmer, and rim warmer.  The rim warmer integrates the entire system with heated covers that fold to the contour of the the wheel rim. It doesn't end there. 

Inside of those covers on the wheel rim is embedded additional heating element that is controlled by the Vision or LEO controller with its' own channel. This added element brings the tire carcass and wheel rim up to the selected  temperature in parallel and allows for total stabilization with heat soaking of the tire and rim bi-directionally. The technology, only by CAPIT allows the desired tire pressure to be within performance parameters while on track resulting in a truly "HOT" temp and pressure reading.

This groundbreaking technology has resulted in allowing the teams and riders an amazing and unrivaled confidence in grip during the first laps.

Have a short window to get your time in? Or does the qualifying strategy lend itself to holding until the last few minutes of the session? Ride out with confidence that your tires, rims, and pressures are ready for you to shred those laps!