FORK WARMERS CAPIT SX-FS HEAT (Super Cross Front Suspension Heaters)


Introducing Capit Warmers for all bikes Front Suspension Heating.  SX-FS Heat – the game-changer that elevates your race performance from the very first lap. Engineered with precision and designed for supreme functionality, these cutting-edge warmers bring a myriad of benefits to your Dirt or Asphalt Track experience. The innovative technology ensures that your front suspension oil, seals, and associated parts are primed and ready, offering enhanced responsiveness and control right from the starting gate. Battling rebound and compression on a cool morning?  The Capit SX-FS Heat optimize suspension response by bringing the suspension to riding temp,  allowing riders and teams free to tackle challenging terrains with confidence. With a quick and efficient heating process, these warmers reduce the risk of slow progression issues, providing a consistent and reliable performance that sets you apart on the track.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of those crucial first laps – Capit SX-FS Heat front suspension heating deliver a decisive advantage. The precision heating not only enhances the overall handling of your bike but also contributes to a smoother and more predictable ride. As you navigate the twists and turns of the  track, you'll feel the immediate impact on your maneuverability and responsiveness. Skipping that triple early, or taking it easy through the whoops section is no longer a factor early in the race, or practice. With the suspension internal up to temperature, feel free to get on the throttle early. The advanced technology ensures that your front suspension is in its optimal state, reducing the chances of responsiveness and maximizing your ability to maintain speed through corners. With Capit SX-FS Heat,  you're not just racing; you're dominating the track from the moment the gate drops, setting the tone and rhythm in the early laps. 

No wonder CAPIT continues to be the world leader in motorsports heating and performance technology! We win. Period.