Designed and engineered for race teams, privateers and track day riders the Capit Tire rack incorporates various solution for rim, tire, warmer and tire transport while at the the track. 

Specify the number of tires needed and CAPIT will provide the rest. The standard tire rack is provided with LEO quick connect plugs and controllers built in. The rack is made of rigid aluminum to allow for riders to roll the rack through paddock to the tire vendor for tire changes. 

In the pit, the rack holds rims, tire and allows warmers to be locally plugged in and organized with easy visually reference  and adjustability of the tire warmers. 

These racks are used in MOTO GP, World Superbike, Motoamerica and most national series around the world. 

At the end of the weekend, the tire rack also comes with optional tie down clips to hold the tire and rim in place in your transport vehicle. Additionally, the rack can be broken down in 5 minutes and placed in a bag for transport and will set up almost as quickly at your next event.