The LEO connectors match up specifically with CAPIT LEO Warmers. There are 2 types that can be chosen, 4 pin and 7 pin. These connectors allow the warmer and rim to be controlled with a single controller.

The 4 Pin allow control of the Warmer and Rim on the same channel. Any adjustments made to the controller will be implemented in both the warmer and rim. 

The 7 pin connector allows control of the Tire Warmer and Rim Warmer seperately. Meaning adjustments can be fine tuned for the Tire and for the Rim to allow for control of the entire heating system. 

Both 4 pin and 7 pin connectors are used exclusively with the LEO warmers and LAB 2,3, and 4 in Nomex. 

7 Pin are used for LAB 5 warmers only in Nomex. 

If you are looking for the Top End warmers with absolute control, you've landed at the right place!