When is a good time to start using warmers? As soon as you possibly can.

Take the guesswork out of your track day laps and roll out with confidence. Even if not using racing slicks, data has proven that a properly heated tire, no matter the tire type will improve grip, and increase tire life while at the track. No more rolling for 3 or 4 laps to warm up the tires and risk a cold tire crash. 

What’s so “Smart” about a single temp warmer? 

The CAPIT  Smart series single temp or “Smart Spina“ brings to first time or experienced riders, a budget friendly warmer that can be used on DOT tires or racing slicks. 

We at CAPIT are also motorcycle “enthusiasts” to say the least. We use all of the products we manufacture at all levels of track days, and all levels of racing.  Be it  local club racing to national and international series. Yes, we use this very warmer.  

CAPIT works closely with nearly every tire manufacturer to understand compounds, tire performance, and best practices. We agree that with some tires, a warmer is optional. That being said, research has proven that grip, tire life, and tire pressure stabilization are better achieved when the tire is at operating temperature before rolling onto the track. 

This budget friendly warmer incorporates all of the basics. Snug fit, constant temperature, and improved tire performance and better tire wear. Not to mention, they look really good, and because you didn’t break the bank…Smart!

Still on the fence? CAPIT offers a 3 year full replacement warranty with these warmers. As long as the tire warmer has not been burnt, a warranty repair, or full replacement will is available if the warmer is found to be defective. Just fill out the warranty card on the website and all the issues will be sorted right here in the USA. 

New and experienced riders who are looking to upgrade their current kit will appreciate the fit, finish, and performance of this warmer. Like all CAPIT products, the Smart Spina is 100% handmade in Italy.