The CAPIT SUPREMA VISION Tyrewarmer is our first step into the PRO Digital Warmers and is the most readily used warmer around the world. This warmer has been tested and tested in the harshest conditions and always performs. 

Capit Suprema Vision Tire Warmers, an advanced and innovative product designed to revolutionize tire performance and enhance track performance for motorcycle riders. The Capit Suprema Vision Tire Warmers are equipped with cutting-edge features that distinguish them from other brands on the market. Utilizing the latest heating technology, these tire warmers offer precise and uniform heat distribution across the entire tire surface. The integrated digital vision system enables riders to monitor and control tire temperatures with unparalleled accuracy and convenience.

Comparing the Capit Suprema Vision Tire Warmers to other prominent brands like , it becomes evident that the Capit Suprema Vision stands in a class of its own. Its standout feature lies in the incorporation of an intelligent vision system, which allows riders to have real-time insights into tire temperatures. This feature is particularly beneficial for professional racers who need precise control and data to fine-tune their tire setup for optimal performance. Furthermore, the Capit Suprema Vision Tire Warmers are crafted with premium materials, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability even under intense racing conditions.

The user-friendly design of the Capit Suprema Vision Tire Warmers is yet another advantage. With an intuitive control panel and secure yet easy-to-use elastic straps, these warmers offer hassle-free application and removal. Riders can rely on the Capit Suprema Vision to consistently deliver optimum tire temperatures, resulting in reduced warm-up times and improved grip from the very start of every race. For motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a competitive edge and unmatched performance on the track, the Capit Suprema Vision Tire Warmers unquestionably represent the pinnacle of tire warming technology.

On Tyrewarmer
Working Temperature:
40-110°C 104-230°F
Setting by operator